Oh hello!




Oh hello!

Who am I? At heart, I’m a designer's designer. I'm a creative leader working in interactive marketing and product design. Over the past 15 years I’ve built my career creating iconic and category-defining products, services, and experiences, and I've spent the last decade collaborating with the brightest minds at two of DC's best digital studios. 

My work stems from the belief that design shapes the world that surrounds us to be more emotive, intuitive, and accessible. Design is an unspoken language between people and things—and communicating through products and objects is essential to who we are. 

Great design is about serving others—and that’s my mission. I’m a designer, and I love making beautiful, useful stuff.

Jesse Burgman
Director & designer for humans.  



Product strategy and early stage concept development, brand development and management, creative leadership and mentorship, web and app design, multi-channel marketing, human-centered design, advertising, visual communication, innovation.


Notable Clients

Verizon, Barclays, Blackboard, Delta Airlines, Marriott, USPS, Bethesda Softworks, AARP, Rosetta Stone, Activision, Electrolux, Zarbees, Warner Brothers Interactive, Luxotica, Ubisoft, Tandberg, World Bank, US State Department, US Department of Energy, National Cancer Institute, The Kennedy Center